Dalberg Advisors and WomenWork Network invite you to a webinar discussion on the gendered impact of COVID-19 at home and work.

“Women are working more, men are understanding their value as caregivers, women are primary breadwinners—I mean, we could go on and on and on. Things are different. So we can’t keep operating like everything is the same, and that’s what many of us have done. And I think it’s up to us to change the conversation.” — Michelle Obama

The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 has driven global and national directives on social distancing to minimize the spread of the virus. For many people working in non-essential roles, this has meant working from home, which has been accompanied by various challenges, particularly for women. This has raised a number of issues which we’ll be addressing in the webinar:

Has working from home reinforced gender norms? Or are we experiencing a change in dynamic?
Are work practices changing in light of the crisis? How do we evaluate this with a gender lens?
On gendered implications, what do we anticipate will stop, improve or continue after the pandemic?

The event is finished.


May 27 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm



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